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this page is not about history but about a view on a history.



 (and the mystifications about 'anti-Semitism')




The Israelis also try to protect and preserve their cause in another way: falsifying, mystifying and denying.  It goes like this:

On June 9, 2020 Netanyahu uttered the terms "invented Palestinians" and "indigenous Jews". That is a disgusting copy as it has its origin to the person of the American republican hardliner Newt Gingrich

That brings us the question: what is 'indigenous'?

In non-institutionalized definition, 'indigenous' is adjective as it refers to the notion of a place-based human ethnic culture that has not migrated from its homeland, and is not a settler or colonial population.

Merriam Webster dictionary explains 'indigenous' as the earliest known inhabitants of a place and especially of a place that was colonized by a now-dominant group

The institutionalized definition about 'indigenous' as written by the United Nations:


Considering the diversity of indigenous peoples, an official definition of “indigenous” has not been adopted by any UN-system body. Instead the system has developed a modern understanding of this term based on the following:

  • Self- identification as indigenous peoples at the individual level and accepted by the community as their member.
  • Historical continuity with pre-colonial and/or pre-settler societies
  • Strong link to territories and surrounding natural resources • Distinct social, economic or political systems
  • Distinct language, culture and beliefs
  • Form non-dominant groups of society
  • Resolve to maintain and reproduce their ancestral environments and systems as distinctive peoples and communities.


The basis is poor as the 6 points are completely vague and open for any interpretation. The second point is even an attempt to falsify the chronology inherent to historical continuity.

Self-identification is an autonomous act but leads to inaccuracy when it comes to "Jew" and "Israeli".  "Jew" adjective to a religion that sprouted as an offshoot from another belief. while "Israeli" is adjective to the results forthcoming from developments that have led to the invention in 1948.  The roots is the assassination of a UN diplomat in September 1948, which in return has its roots in the invasion of the Zionist migrants in 1947, which in return is a continuation from the early 1900s.

Any continuity is about the continuation of a cycle of events over an immeasurable period of time, and the recognition of events as inseparably interconnected. So it is when we speak about historical continuity.

However, the cycle didn't start to run by the assassination. It was running for thousands and thousands of years. But, not every event belongs to a certain historical continuity as they may have their roots in another continuity. For instance, the migration from Eastern Europe in 1905 was not by ethnic related cycle. There was a revolution in Russia, which prompted Russian Jews to flee. The migration from Central and Eastern Europe in 1947 was even by an religionized political invention in 1897, Zionism. So it is when we look at the continuity from a biblical perspective.

If we focus on what is biblical written, then there were two groups of people who entered Canaan. The first group are written as those freed from slavery and were led by Moses (in Islam, Musa). The other group are written as those who migrated from Mesopotamia and were led by Abraham (in Islam: Ibrahim). This means that there are two historical continuities: one that started in Egypt and the other in Mesopotamia.

So, according to our understanding, there is no proven historical continuity that relates modern-day Jews to the people, documented by historians as led by Moses, because there is no evidence found in the Sinai.

There's also no historic continuity that relates the Jews with the Abrahamic tribe as the first Jews have no roots in Mesopotamia were the Abrahamic tribe came from (see map below).

Interesting is this:

'Hebrew' appears to be adjective to the Abrahamic people as a tribe, and who are named after the language they spoke: Hebrews. This indicates that the Hebrew language is not native to Canaan but to the region were Abraham came from, Ur. 

Then this, if we connect any historic continuity to the Israelites, to whom the Israelis liken themselves with by linking them with the victory on the conquest of Jebus by King David, the question rises how did David became king of these tribe while he had his kingdom far north and away from the territory now known as the Negev Deser. A desert that was inhabit by the Amalekites. 

The people who entered the territory of the Amalekites from the south, by Jews described as Israelites, these people ended up in the territory of King David who drove them out into the direction of the hills of Jebus. But, the Jews still connect the Israelites with King David's seizure of Jebus, now Jerusalem as their way of documenting insinuates that the Israelites have fought with the king to seize Jebus. It's quiet illogical to document the Israelites first as driven out by King David, as we found in several referrals, then let modern-day people believe that the driven people have a link in the rebuilding of Jebus but as King David's city.

And, if we translate it to modern times, those who stood at the beginning (1948-1960s), they also don't have any historical continuity that sprouted in Palestine:


David Ben Gurion October 16, 1886 Plonsk, Poland
Golda Meir May 3, 1898 Kyiv city, Ukraine
Menachim Begin August 16, 1913 Brest, Belarus
Shimon Peres August 2, 1923 Vishnyeva, Belarus
Yitzak Shamir October 22, 1915 Ružany, Belarus


So, anyone who speaks in terms of 'invented people' they have invented themselves as 'Israelis' have no historical continuity as it didn't sprout in Palestine. It is a naming enforced to accept by others. That enforcement was by assassinating the Swedish UN diplomat Folke Bernadotte in an ambush, carried out by Shamir, not by Cohen. It is the roots of Sweden's policy on Palestine. 


*) In Wikipedia, details of involvment by 'Yitzak Shamir' has been altered in 'Cohen" by US-based Zionist group CAMARA


On September 24, 2020 BESA published an article in an attempt to explain its readers something that didn't exist: "Why Arabs Hate The Palestinians". The article was published amid Jarred Kushner's regional destabilizing actions to persuade Gulf states to take side with the Israelis. The headlined question was an attempt to let the English reading Arabs believe that the course for an own Palestinian state was to blame.

Hasbara, which is the basis the Israelis and their supporters use in their 'communication' with the outside world, is described as a reference to public-relations efforts to disseminate positive information abroad about the Israelis and their actions, whereby dissemination is scattering or spreading widely, as though sowing seed disseminate ideas.  However, it is actually a practice to deflect attention away from that what is initially the issue.

In plain words: Israelis and their supporters don't want you to talk about what should or must be talked about:  the essence of the matter, not whatever is achieved. It is an kind of robbing you from the right of freedom of expression by accusing you of "anti-Semitism".

But, who and what is Semitic?

Semites are a group of peoples closely related in language, whose habitat is West Asia and Northern Africa. That is what most people know. However, we have showed in earlier chapters that our view differs, that people, but only those whom entire ancestry directly leads to the Semitic habitat, are Semitic people. In other words: those who never have migrated from their homeland, and who do not belong to a settler or colonial population.

Then we have the Semitic languages, which are mainly described -like in Britannica and in Wikipedia- as language that form a branch of the Afro-Asiatic language phylum. But, this description isn't mentioning the distribution of one the Semitic language into Europe during the expansion of the Roman empire. Jews born outside the Roman controlled Palestine have learned to speak Hebrew because of the distribution by Jews who fled into other parts of Europe, such as Spain, France, Greece, Italy and Malta.

So, if we compare the distribution of the Hebrew language with the distribution of the Spanish language, we don't see any difference:

Anyone can learn to speak a language that is not native to the person because languages are once distributed into the world. Below: how the Spanish language and the Catholic religion came to the Americas by Cortes' conquest.


The Spanish language was distributed via colonization that began with the Spanish Conquest of the Americas in 1519. The Spaniards not only brought their language to the continent but also their religion and culture.

When the Spaniards engaged interracial relationship, they became the ancestors for all later ancestors who then became the ancestors of today's Central and South American people. That doesn't mean that today's people, who now have Spanish as their 'native language', and have their religion from the Spanish, are Spanish originated people.

It is exact the same to the Hebrew language when it was first distributed across Southern Europe and from there into the rest of Europe. When Palestine became a Roman empire province, Jews who have fled also distributed their language, religion and culture. They are the first ancestors of all later ancestors of ancestors of today's Jews in Europe. This doesn't mean that today's Jews in Europe are Semitic people. They are not. Nor are they originated to Semitic people as their ancestries sprouted in Europe.

The map below isn't only showing the reason of a migration. It also shows the result of migration, namely the distribution of the Hebrew language, Jewish religion and culture between 1850 and 1914 and reminds us to the map of the Spanish with the difference that the map below is not about a conquest.

The Israelis from the old generation are originated from those during the migration while the young Israeli generation have parents who are the children of the old generation who in return are the children of the migrants generation.

In the 21st century, Jews in Palestine are from all corners of the world mostly via illegal crowd funding by the Jewish Agency For Israel, which presents itself as a non-government organization, a title misused as the Israelis are occupying belligerents.

So, how can anyone be accused of anti-Semitism when Semitism is factual about indigenous Semitic people. These people do no longer live and that for ages. What is practiced in the 21st century, when whoever views criticism against Jews in Europe as anti-Semitism, it is ripping Semitism completely out of its historical context.


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