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About Us

GLOSM stands for Global Studies & Monitoring and was Global Human Studies & Research. Its existence dates back to the year 2007 when it noticed the first signs of change in, what is called "the state of the life of the nation" of Turkey. In other words: the transformation from a secular country to an Islamized state began when Erdogan became prime minister. The monitoring brought curiosity as the question rose "how are other countries doing?" And so began the monitoring and documenting of countries. 

Over the years GLOSM saw the world changing in many more ways, in particular when it comes to the environment. It saw how people spread the words 'climate change' and felt it couldn't agree with the way people view 'climate change'. So, a website was launched to show that such change is not the cause but one that should be considered as finding or concluding that the climatic environment is on its way to change.. How? By global warming. 

GLOSM is a non-government and self-funding initiative located in the Netherlands


COUNTRYWATCH monitors and documents developments about a range of issues, such as effects of misgoverning or misconduct in governing; politicization of people; religionizing of political ideas; weaponization of words such as "terror", "terrorism" and  "terrorists" to legitimize the crackdown on opposition and criticism.

The website is a prefect source for study and research as it is launched for students, ngo's, policy makers and researchers. You can search by country, by tag or just by typing a word or a phrase.


COUNTRYWATCH is GLOSM's oldest activity

SEAS stands for South East Asia Security. It monitors and documents developments in relation to China's claims of whole South China Sea.

SEAS also monitors and documents developments in relation to China's domination in the region and China's claim on Taiwan.

MENUSEC is initially launched to provide information in relation to the introduction of the nuclearization of weapons in the Middle East.

Actually, the idea was to publish only declassified documents which proofs that the Israelis where the first nuclear power in the region since 1958.  

Developments which have their roots in the joint U.S./Israeli ambiguity politics, whereby Iran became the scapegoat, is reason to monitor and document these developments. 


Politicization has always been the biggest enemy of history. It has always been the norm.

The practice of "cut-and-past-politics", and even weaponization of ideologies and ideas have led to the existence of fake news, conspiracy theories, distraction and distortion in the world of information.  

It's time to break them.

PARES stands for Palestine Research and gives a totally different view on something that has been made an issue since the late 1800s. 

PARES provides you an 18 pages long journey, starting from the very first people to the present time of today.


It's blunt, upfront and totally against any standard as professionalism is not required here. 

BLOG is expression in writing without restrictions, without guidelines. Just plain. Here and there even raw.