From Passover provocation to war on Gaza

Passover is a Judaic ritual, the Israelis held every year during the period from April 15th to April 23rd.  The Ramadan begins on April 12th and ends on May 12th every year. Every year, Israeli extremists use their ritual as a weapon to march to the compound under illegal protection by occupying forces.

In the same week of the Israeli extremists' provocation in April 2021, Netanyahu threw oil on the fire by announcing the forced eviction of of Palestinian residents of Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem. Among these people also those who were already forced evicted from Haifa* during Nakba in 1948. That have angered the Palestinians at the Al Aqsa. So, they began to protest as their Ramadan was already disrupted by Israeli extremists. Israeli troops invaded the compound and started a violent crackdown. Tens of worshipers were killed, hundreds of others wounded.

When this development reached Sheikh Jarrah, residents went onto the streets were they met live ammunition from Israeli troops. The military wing of Hamas warned the Israelis who ignored the warning. The Israelis intensified the crackdown against protesters, willfully causing the escalation between May 7th and May 10th themselves, leaving Hamas no other option than to seek the only way they have to protect Palestinian people: firing rockets. That's the real roots of the 11-days war on Gaza, not any other version that only hallmarks promoting of war or is a version of the rhetoric "... right to defend themselves'.

*) We've found out that the city was once in the territory of ancient Philistine. Haifa wasn't Jewish at that time because the religion had to exist .

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