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Iran has been restricting U.N. nuclear inspectors' access to its main uranium enrichment plant at Natanz, citing security concerns after what it says was an attack on the site by Israel in April, diplomats say.

The attack was halted ‘before causing any damage to the building’, news agencies said.

Iran has installed extra advanced centrifuges at its underground uranium enrichment plant at Natanz that was hit by a blast last week, a report by the U.N. atomic watchdog on Wednesday showed, deepening Iran's breaches of its nuclear deal with major powers.

Iranian authorities name 43-year-old Reza Karimi as the perpetrator behind the nuclear plant attack, say he has fled the country.

Iran condemned a blackout at its underground Natanz nuclear facility early on Sunday as an act of “nuclear terrorism” and said Tehran reserves the right to respond, but did not specify who was responsible and how Iran may react.

Spokesman for Atomic Energy Organization says authorities will reveal ‘in due time the reason behind blast’ in July.

Iranian officials have denied reports of an explosion west of the capital Tehran on Thursday, the latest in a series of mysterious blasts to hit the country in recent weeks.