The roots of the conflict ... better say, the cause of the conflict are the Serbians living in Kosovo but who don't want to be part of Kosovo.

Best known example is the license plate conflict from 2021 whereby Serbians in Kosovo refuse to drive with Kosovar license plate and don't want to be administer in the Kosovar civil system. 

The main thread in the conflict is staunch nationalism by Serbians on both side of the border. In fact, the conflict looks like thoseof the militants in the Donbass who don't want to be part of Ukraine.

However, in the Donbass insurgency was mastermind by Russia, in May 2014 led by FSB colonel Igor Girkin, while Russia in Serbia is adding its influence by siding with the Serbians, which also includes supplying weapons, military equipment and hardware.

Putin's (na)Z-ism has also reached the streets in Serbia. 

It should be noted that nationalism has always been the roots of aggressive political dominance (China's claim of Taiwan and the whole South China Sea), and in many cases leading to violence (Charlottesville, US) or even to wars (WWII, Kosovo-Serbia war, Russian invasion of Ukraine)

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