• non-conclusive claims
  • propaganda
  • failed propaganda
  • involuntarily distribution of information based on the views of the regime of the invader
  • deflective and distorted information
  • defamation
  • revisionism (in the context of Russia's politics on Ukraine it is manipulation of facts about past and present)

Please, take note of the following:

  • that updates may include publication of videos from older dates.
  • that "00:00" means that date and/or time, so when the content was shared, doesn't match with moment of the day the video was taken.
  • that in other cases, date and correct time refers to the date when the content was posted online. 

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Russia - 20220916 - Moscow - State-run Russia-1 misuses film from 1900 by Gabriel Veyre to discredit the late Queen Elisabeth II by painting her as throwing food to children, while it is a rich French colonial woman who throws money. But how can she be that woman when the queen was born in 1926!

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