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Before you read the background of the Cizre curfew research:

GLOSM.ORG would like to emphasize that I do not endorse, support, glorify, hail anyone who has been involved or who has been participated or who have carried out acts in and/or outside the Kurdish southeast region in Turkey. Nor do I endorse, support, glorify, hail anyone who is carrying out, or who intends to plan to carry out acts in and/or outside the Kurdish southeast region in Turkey.

About the PKK:

GLOSM.ORG  does not view the Kurdish PKK as an terrorist organization but as an war belligerent. This conclusion is based on the historical chronology of the Ottoman empire transition into Ataturk's secular Turkey, and based the political chronology during the ruling by both prime ministers Suleyman Demirel and Recep Erdogan as well as the chronology during the ruling of Erdogan as president of Turkey.



On February 2, 2018 Syrian Kurds have accused Turkish-backed FSA of mutilating then filming the body of one of their female fighters after a video emerged of her corpse. The FSA responded the next day by saying it will investigate accusations its fighters mutilated the body of a female Kurdish fighter and filmed it.

FSA Chief of Staff Salim Idris said in a statement

“We affirm that Free Syrian Army works in the framework of Operation Olive Branch to liberate our Kurdish people and our Syrian land invaded by YPG militia terrorists.”


“We will treat captives and fighters of militia terrorists in accordance with our Sharia and our religion"

The barbaric event have triggers the remembrance of the atrocities Erdogan's troops and police forces are being accused for, having committed in the area in and around Cizre in the Kurdish southeast in Turkey.

The case is the killing of hundreds of Kurdish people during a 78-day curfew imposed on Cizre between December 14, 2015 and March 2, 2016. During the curfew, the town of about 100,000 people was sealed off. The curfew was part of a military campaign, which carrying out acts of combat actually is-  in south-eastern Turkey, targeting the PKK.

The worst single incident ended with the deaths of around 100 people who had been sheltering in three cellars.

The UN human rights chief has expressed his concern in unusually strong terms and wants to send in investigators. The Turkish foreign ministry dismissed the allegations. It said that the Turkish military took all necessary precautions to protect civilians during military operations.

Meanwhile, Erdogan ordered the prohibition to all government officials and all those of the judiciary to enter the area were the horrific events took place. That prompted Human Rights Watch to accuse Erdogan for covering up in the context of the following:

All found videos show the use of all military means, including battle tanks, helicopter gun ships, armored vehicles with on roof mounted, camera operating machine guns, and foot soldiers and police forces in complete combat fatigue.

We studied the signature of the damages, we studied the signature of destruction. They all bare the hallmark of acts of carrying out a war.

All that what we have studied so far, and all that what locals, and even the Turkish troops have filmed themselves, have never met the reality of "curfew":

the implementation of a regulation requiring people to remain indoors between specified hours, typically at night.

Well, the Erdogan regime did not announce between which hours a curfew is imposed. They only announced a curfew.

A curfew was prevented to be implemented in particular by the way the Turkish battle tanks were used: heavy shelling from mountain tops onto the cities in the area.

This finding has never been reported by the media, nor put to attention by international law professionals.