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The war in Syria has been changed dramatically since Putin joined Syria's Assad "fighting terrorism" in September 2015. Erdogan have made the situation even more into ... let us say a real mess since his incursion in Aleppo's Kurdish region last January 18th 2018.

The war was already complex since 2012 when Islamist groups entered the country to establish their caliphates. And, when ISIL went from Iraq into Syria's Deir ez-Zor conquering the entire northern region in the early months of 2013, the war became looking like endless.

The world has been focusing on these three aspects since then while not realizing that these aspects are just transitions into other phases of the same war that first began with an uprising from March 2011.

It came into a phase of an armed conflict when large number of soldiers and high ranking officers decided to defect to side with the people who called up to arm when they realized the army has been used against them.

A year later, on July 14, 2012, and when the situation exploded into a full blown war between armed resistants and defected soldiers against Assad's military. the ICRC could no longer consider the situation as an armed conflict. It was to the ICRC a civil war.

Now, when a country is in a situation of war declared by the ICRC as such, all parties in the war must obliged to apply themselves to the international laws on warfare. These laws include a range of treaty laws like the Laws Of War and the Customary Humanitarian International Laws.

We decided to assess the whole period 2011 to 2018 to make it visible that the so-called "fighting terrorism", as claimed by Assad, Putin and Erdogan, has since November 2015 no longer to do with its origin, namely responding on the Paris by attacking ISIL positions in Syria.



The document is not meant to keep you posted on what's happening or what has recently happened. You need to visit You Tube channels appropriate to your search.

The document does not include the listing of acts other than attempts to kill civilians, act to destroy, destruction, total destruction, the use of certain weapons such as incendiary ammunition, ballistic missiles and chemical weapons.

The list issues an provisional assessment and was constantly under editorial review for that reason until we stopped monitoring in 2018.

Focusing on the accuracy regarding date and motives of posting by the sources as well as the credibility of the content has been disregarded as it is impossible for us to verify and to confirm. You need reliable contacts there which we don't have.

Our assessment is therefore based on "WYWIWYS" (What You Watch Is What You See). 

Listed videos may even contain two or more scenes indicating that the video is about a compilation were exact date and place of each scene often is missing.

Videos marked with * are news reports. The way of reporting, and the views they express are solely those of the sources and do not necessarily reflect our own findings.

Videos marked with *** concern disinformation, politicization or propaganda. Videos marked with ****  are considered as hate promoted content.

The war in Syria has been declared as civil war on July 14, 2012 by the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva. So, the civil war did not began in 2011. There was an armed conflict prior to the declaration from Augustus 2011 to the day of the declaration of civil war.

All acts against people who do not want, nor are participating, leading to the dead by field torture; arbitrary (field) executions; heinous acts tantamount to atrocity such as mutilation and cannibalism); airstrikes without clear verifying and conforming that the target is military, and other grave violations against the international laws on warfare, are considered either as (alleged) war violation, war crime, crime against humanity. They are marked this way xxxx


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February 9, 2018