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Turkey: Revisiting The 2016 'Coup'

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Turkey has known several coups, not many as reported by the media while we all do not know whether the available information are accurate, in particlar when we would only rely on Wikipedia.

It was nearly ten years ago that GLOSM discovered that there was a campaign on Wikipedia active meant to write all entries that promotes the Israelis but advocates against the Palestinians. It wouldn't surprise us that there are other campaigns active with a similar goal. That is why we recommend for caution even about Turkey. In Wikepedia the entry about what have taken place in July 2016 reads:

The 15 July 2016 coup d'état (Turkish: 15 Temmuz darbe girişimi), was attempted in Turkey against state institutions, including the government and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan


On July 16, 2016 US based Quartz reported " A military coup attempt is underway in Turkey, with the Turkish Armed Forced claiming to “have completely taken over the administration of the country to reinstate constitutional order, human rights and freedoms, the rule of law and general security that was damaged.”. CNN headlined its report this way: "Watch CNN Turk's final moments on air before soldiers shut it down". And the Britsh ITV wrote "Turkey is now run by a peace council" while the Dutch public broadcast cautiously tells "Army of Turkey says it has takenover power".

A day later, the media blame game exploded as the BBC questions "Who was behind Turkey coup attempt? US-based NPR puts another question "Why is a cleric in the poconos accused of fomenting Turkey's coup attempt?" But, the British Guardian appeared to have had more interest in what was happening on the Bospurus Bridge.

You have read just a few examples while there are much more on the internet. None of them were focusing on 'things' GLOSM where focusing on. It begins with our interest in the moment when Erdogan went on holiday.

Our analysis of news reports appears to suggest that no one (except his body guards) knew that Erdogan wanted to leave for holiday at the moment he did. There is no evidence that can show us the moment that Erdogan was leaving the palace. Was he really in the palace that is by court declared as illegally build? And, when and how did he left? No person who accidently became a witness and catch Erdogan seen traveling on camera, then upload to his or her social media account. So, how and when did he left. Who was more with him other than his body guards?

The media were very quickly in drawing the conclusion as one side that there was a coup, while it was to other outlets a coup d'etat. Well, a coup is not a coup d'etat. But a coup d'etat is a way to carry out a coup, namely without the use of violence. Then, a coup takes place were it always takes place: right in the middle of the center of power. That's not on the street:

July 15, 2016 July 15, 2016 July 15, 2016
Ankara Ankara Ankara
July 15, 2016 July 15, 2016 July 15, 2016
Ankara Ankara Ankara
July 15, 2016 July 15, 2016 July 15, 2016
Ankara motorway parliament, Ankara parliament, Ankara

And, what about the news presenter who was ordered to read a statement that was given by an military officer?

The footage is not evidence as it doesn't contain any reference needed to, what we call, 'name identify' referring to the ability to define leading to identifying in order to name. The officer who was seen in the newsroom could only define: he's a member of the military. There have to be details on his fatigue such as badges that read his name, his regiment, rank while his fatigue must show to which service he belongs to (army, air force, navy) , He didn't wear any insignia on his combat outfit while military services in many countries seems to use non-ceremonial outfits that are no different from from other which makes it hard to define to what a serviceman belongs to. It is no different in Turkey. So, how to conclude so quickly that he's from the "coup-side". 

There's more:

During the whole event, including the aftermath, we have noticed that the western media didn't monitor what the Turkish media was spreading. For instance: the accusation against Fetullah Gulen began already to spread on the first day in Turkey, so before the world became flooded with. Then, the media had done the same what plot thinkers and conspiracy theorists are known for: erasing the reality from fiction. That is why we tweeted:

The military actions in the streets of Ankara and Istanbul .... indeed, in the streets were no targets of the system to takeover are ....  were so disorganized, so chaotic and even on the wrong places, all together so un-military, that it is ridicule to conclude it is a coup or coup d'etat. It didn't even have hallmarks of a coup but those typical to extreme expression of frustration. Not really surprising when looking at more than a decade of cleansing to get rid of secularism within the military, only because Ataturk's  foundation is a threat to Erdogan's own desire of self-ruling. That is what all Anatolian sultans have done. Erdogan wants to be one of them.

That brings us to the question how did we learn Erdogan since 2007?. Erdogan's character of personality includes authoritarian tendency, arrogance, possessiveness, narrow mindset, aggression, uncontrolled temper, anxiety and paranoia. All elements that are typical to high-handed rulers and those who steer their country like a dictator if not like a tyrant. 




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