On April 26, 2016 DCNS of France won a A$50bn contract to build a new fleet of 12 submarines for the Australian navy. 

Nadine Dorries has become Britain's new culture secretary after Boris Johnson had reshuffled his cabinet. But, Nadine has been accused of Islamophobia over her views on Muslim women and description of the burqa as a “medieval” dress code. Nadine has previously called for a complete ban on the Muslim face veil. Al Jazeera reported this issue as "Islamophobia". Here's our response

On September 12, 2021 Turkish foreign minister said that he was working with the UNHCR to "repatriate" Syrians to their home country. His comments are at odds with the UNHCR’s overall policy towards returning migrants to Syria, a country that it still considers too dangerous to send refugees back to.

Turkey under Erdogan can be considered as an unreliable partner, unreliable as a NATO member, and a threat as a member of the EU and to regional security and stability. Why?

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