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this page is not about history but about a view on a history.






Let us begin with this quote

"Jews had originated in Palestine (ancient Canaan) but had begun to migrate outwards in ancient times, both because of expulsions and for economic reasons under the Babylonians, Greeks, and Romans. Under Roman rule, after the destruction of the Second Jerusalem Temple in 70 AD, they migrated farther, across North Africa and, particularly important for us, to Germany and France. In the late Middle Ages, in the wake of persecution and expulsions, many Ashkenazi Jews moved east from Germany to the lands of Poland and Russia."



We reject the content in the quotation. As people, Jews are not originated from the Israelite tribe.

"Jews" is the name the people carry to present themselves as belonging to a belief.  This belief is an offshoot from the belief the Israelites have. That is tribal multi-godization. As we wrote before, the early stage of the Hebrew belief had still all the elements of that tribal belief. 

In other words: 'Jews' is not a race. So is 'Jewish' as that is a reference in terms of relating to, associated with, or denoting.

We also know that the Israelites were not the indigenous people of Canaan just like the Philistines. The Israelites arrived in Canaan when the Philistines were already there.

But, there's a similar development more into the direction of the Modern Ages as we notice that the Israelis are also not indigenous people.

Israelis can only claim being indigenous if their entire ancestry directly leads to the very first Jews. That is not the case. Nor does their ancestries directly lead to the Jews who fled the Roman controlled Palestine.

As people, the Israelis descend from European Jewish migrants who have resorted themselves in the politicization of religionized ideas, abandoning themselves from pure religion. How did this happen?

In the 16th and 17th centuries a number of “messiahs” came forward trying to persuade Jews to “return” to Palestine.

The Haskala (“Jewish Enlightenment”) movement of the late 18th century urged Jews to assimilate into Western secular society.

Today's equivalent to assimilate in the Western secular society (see table) is by penetration into vital resources the public opinion rely on, such as politicsnewssocial mediaeducation. An example is this:

In August 2010, we have find out that entries in the online encyclopedia Wikipedia on the Jewish issue were constantly altered by by the Zionist group "Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America" (CAMERA). So, we do no longer rely on Wikipedia.

In the early 19th century interest in a return of the Jews to Palestine was kept alive mostly by Christian millenarians, not by the Hungarian born Theodor Herzl.

In 1905, there was a wave of pogroms and repressions in Russia after the failure of the revolution. Thousands of Russian Jewish youth were incited by the Ḥovevei Ẕiyyon (“Lovers of Zion”), led by Austrians and Germans, to migrate to Palestine. It was the first assimilation campaign in the 20th century from outside Palestine.

These historical events not only prove that the roots of the ancestors of the ancestors of the Israelis, is in Eastern Europe. Israelis from 1947 to present are no other then those who also have their roots in Europe and therefre not to be considered as "indigenous people".


Examples of assimilation by religionized political penetration in the American secular society
AIPAC The "American Israel Public Affairs Committee" is a Zionism-aligned lobbying group that propagates politics meant to push Israeli politics into the Congress and into the Executive Branch of the United States. 
AZM American Zionist Movement is found in 1993. It propagates and "defend" Zionism in the United States. The entity is affiliated with the World Zionist Organization (WZO).
CAMERA "Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America", a Zionist group that operates on Wikipedia to mystify entries on the Jewish issue. The use of "Middle East" is to mislead. It is not operating in the field of (news) reporting.
Hadassah Women's Zionist Organization of America. Founded in 1912 by Henrietta Szold.
WZO World Zionist Organization is described (by Zionists) as a 'non-government organization' while the founder, Theodor Herzl in 1897, never proclaimed the organization as such nor did he never used that term. It is an religionized political entity that propagates its course. WZO is also the root of religionized political globalization in modern history. Muslim equivalents are Jihadism, Islamism and Salafism.
ZOA The Zionist Organization of America presents itself as an American non-profit pro-Israel organization. It claims that it is founded in 1897 as the Federation of American Zionists. But, there was no Zionism in the US that year. Richard Gottheil attended the Zionist Congress in Europe in 1898. The organization could only have been found after he returned to the US.