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The Palestinians claim their rights. The Israelis just take the rights. But who is right? A simple question that appears to be a very complex matter.

It depends on how you wish to answer as their are many ways from a historical point of view to deliberating in the context of international law and every possibility in between. They all brings us to nowhere. That is the reality since all attempts have only led to more imbalance that only affects the Palestinians the most.

We also must not forget that the Israelis don't show any respect and often in a manner that prompts us to ask:  Do the Israelis recognize the international law at all?

The Gaza wars have showed they don't. The systematically forced eviction to annex pieces of land on which Palestinian houses are build show the Israelis don't. The use of their army to crackdown protests while being a war belligerent show the Israelis don't. The list is endless.






More unhelpful, if not destructive, is when countries resort in politics that is just supporting, and are even facilitation and contribution to that what the Israelis still doing. These countries only incite the Israelis even more. That is why efforts claimed by these countries don't have any value.  The efforts they think to have achieved by contributors and participants, they appear to be Jewish while others appear to have close ties with the Israelis.

Middle East Quartet with on the right Toni Blair
Middle East Quartet with Toni Blair on the right

Take the Middle East Quartet from 2011, which was a foursome of nations and international and supranational entities involved in 'mediating' the Israeli–Palestinian peace process. Britain's former prime minister Tony Blair was the envoy of this group. In February 2008, Blair is recorded as telling the quartet that he has a good relationship with Ehud Barak who was the Israeli defense minister at that time. Much further back in time,  Blair forged close ties with Michael Levy, a leader of the Jewish Leadership Council. That was in 1994.

UN Watch is an entity that proclaims itself as an NGO while it openly spies, not observe, for its belligerent occupation government and makes the results public in forms of political attacks and unfounded criticism. It has a seat in the UN Human Rights Assembly but only as observer. But, there is no single other member at the assembly that operates explicit and only for itself. So, if such an entity only operates on grounds of pure religionized self-interest, it is not an NGO. Everyone can ask for a rubber stamp "NGO" on the arm. That doesn't mean you are.

And while we're writing from our own perspective, it gives us this freedom to write:

Hilel Neuer
Hilel Neuer on April 17, 2016

Organizations which are independent of government involvement are known as non-governmental organizations or non-government organizations or NGO, typically one whose purpose is to address a social or political issue.

UN Watch addresses nor any social issue nor any political issue. It addresses issues which are politicization of religionized ideas. They only lead to certain sentiments against Jews but only in Europe and elsewhere around the world. They don't affect the Israelis who claim to be Jewish while being Zionists. Jerusalem Post provides the evidence.

Then, Israelis don't suffer from human rights violations by their own government. Israelis don't suffer from persecutions by their own government. Israelis don't suffer from abduction, kidnapping and murder by their own government. Israelis don't suffer from hatreds. Israelis just spread hatred since their invention in 1948.

On June 19, 2008 Hamas and the Israelis agreed to a ceasefire. As part of the ceasefire, Palestinian militants agreed to immediately halt their attacks on Israel and Israel agreed to cease its military operations in Gaza. However, on November 5, 2008 the Israelis intruded Gaza to carry out an assassination they defended this way:

"This was a pinpoint operation intended to prevent an immediate threat," the Israeli military said in a statement. "There is no intention to disrupt the ceasefire, rather the purpose of the operation was to remove an immediate and dangerous threat posted by the Hamas terror organization."

This is disseminated language or hasbara and is meant to divert attention away from the fact that the Israelis just jeopardized the cease fire prompting Hamas to respond. It fired rockets over its border. And like all Gaza wars started by the Israelis, they counter retaliated by launching a massive incendiary bombing campaign. Tens of thousands of unarmed civilians were killed. Among them civilians who tried to flee Gaza City but were hindered by wreckage of burning vehicles including those of bombed ambulances. The 2008-2009 war by the Israelis is to our memories the most barbaric, the most heinous and bloodiest of all three wars. More than 13,000 Gaza casualties against just 13 on the other side of the Gaza border. This utmost shocking imbalance of numbers triggered a global call for an investigation. It was then already problematic to even think about investigation because of the United States because of their own war crimes committed a year earlier in Iraq.

Now, what has this war to do with Hilel Neuer?

The Zionist tried to divert attention away from two things: what have caused the war and why were the numbers so exorbitant high. He did by launching an campaign against Richard Falk who was the UN special reporteur for the oPT. He was appointed to investigate. As a Zionist, Neuer fiercely opposed the appointment because of Falk's statements, comments, recommendations, and other moves hallmarking an advocacy for the Palestinians. 

The job Falk carried out might have had an impact on his own person. That may have resulted in an opposing position. It works the same to any Israeli with the difference that Falk does not resort in grave determination in order to revenge and to retaliate. Neuer's motive is the same a Muslim would have when another Muslims stands up against Muslims. Here, Richard Falk, who is a Jew, didn't standup against Jews. He stood up against certain types among the Israelis like Hilel Neuer himself, Netanyahu, Naftali Bennett, Benzi Gopstein, Mark Regev and Yehuda Glick. 

And, like it is to a Muslim, so it is to no other than Neuer: Richard Falk was a traitor and should be treated as a traitor. But, you can't do that on neutral territory. That's why Neuer submitted his raged letter to the UN in New York.

Neuer just acted either because of self-interest, the interest of the Israeli war belligerent or both.






The orthodox Jewish 'peace' team
The orthodox Jewish 'peace' team

Very clear is the year 2017 when Trump in January that year his son-in-law Jared Kushner appointed to draft a Middle East 'peace plan'. Kushner is an orthodox Jew. Kushner's team members David Friedman and Jason Greenblatt, both are also orthodox Jews. And, what was their peace all about? Persuading Arab countries to side with the Israelis!

These orthodox Jews were not working on the issue that is between the Israelis and the Palestinians. They were working on an issue they wanted that it is between the Israelis and Arab countries, not about and with the Palestinians.

So, these orthodox Jews just ignored the Palestinians while the rest of the world failed to realize that they've witnessed the continuation of a religious rivalry by these Jews. Why?

The accords are named after Abraham, which in Islam is by the name of Ibrahim.

But, do the Arab leaders know what Abraham really is to Zionists and the othodox Jews? Do they know that Abraham was the leader of the Hebrew tribe who migrated from Ur, Mesopotamia to Canaan? Do these leaders know that Abrahamic religion does not exist as Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism, which sprouted from the Jesubite's tribal belief, while Islam is an offshoot from Christianity? Then, Ur is a ancient place in today's Southern Iraq. Abraham was not native to Canaan nor the Hebrew language he and his people spoke.

It is clear that the so-called Middle East peace plan was a practice of blatant conspiracy.

This brings us to question how to understand these practices other than in the context of Zionism?

It's like the Chinese claim over the South China Sea. It's just a claim as they never have proven that the waters are indeed Chinese. They just focus on 'China' that is included in the name. They also have never allowed anyone from outside to see for the legitimacy of the claim. No one from outside have ever seen authentic documents but copies of documents you can Google for. But you can't see whether they are authentic or have been made authentic.

The Chinese also do the same the Israelis do: they start there were something about theirs is first mentioned, not there were it has its roots. The rapid manner the Chinese are fortifying the sea is like when someone knows that he or she is wrong, refused to acknowledge and resort in all methods to divert attention away from what is wrong. 

But, there's more falsehood about the pact: There was never any war with Bahrain and the UAE. Both countries only didn't recognize the Israelis until their signing of the pact. So, there wasn't even a political war.

See more under incitement.






Politicization is history's biggest enemy as it incites manipulation, falsification and even to mystification. The result is then a rewrite similar to what we do with movies. In modern times it goes like this:

Start your computer. Open the video editor. Click on 'files' and look were you have the video stored that carries the title 'History Of Palestine'. Load it. Cut the whole period from the prehistory to the scene prior to the scene depicting King David starting to build his city, he named Jerusalem. Move the rest of the movie back to (play) start. Save it and post it online. But, you can also write your own book or just go to websites were you can edit entries the way you want.

The video above is from the Israeli extremist outlet Arutz Sheva, who posted the video on August 18, 2010 on its YouTube account. 

Our computer story is just to illustrate what is in politics long before the internet. But the tools needed to have access to the internet, to begin with the first generation of home computers, has been politically weaponized by these rewriters like the Zionist group CAMERA (Wikipedia) to whom Naftali Bennett, a high tech (!) billionaire, is linked to. So, the problem is politicization used against history, not what we think and see as (the) problem at least since the invention of ideologies.

Another source that distributes mystification is the so-called UN Watch that proclaims itself as an NGO while it openly spies, not observe, for its belligerent occupation government and the results releases in forms of political attacks and unfounded criticism. It has a seat in the UN Human Rights Assembly but only as observer. It is has no voting rights. It is represented at the UNHR in Geneva by Hellil Neuer, a Zionist. There is no single other member of the assembly that operates explicit and only for itself and against everyone at the assembly. 

Nothing in the world occurs to happen on its own. Something always needs something either to occur to happen or to become to exist. So it is the existence of something the Israelis brandish as terrorism and terrorists while blatantly ignoring the roots.

The silencing of the roots is the main tread that goes through all rhetoric even about terrorism and terrorists, the ancestors of today's Israelis have introduced themselves. Disseminating politics the Israelis use is therefore no other than to divert attention away. But, they resort in more ways.







Polarizing is to cause something, especially something that contains different people or opinions, to divide into two completely opposing groups. It's actually setting up people against one other.

But, to set up people against one other, you need something that causes people being against one other. A motive. We use Hamas as an example as this video from January 10, 2009 shows.

January 10, 2009: the then former prime minister Netanyahu 

The question is how to bring your motive into reality? Just fabricate allegations, accusations, claims and other falsehood.

On June 19, 2008 Hamas and the Israelis agreed to a ceasefire. As part of the ceasefire, Palestinian militants agreed to immediately halt their attacks on Israel and Israel agreed to cease its military operations in Gaza. However, on November 5, 2008 the Israelis intruded Gaza to carry out an attack after they claimed that Hamas had fired rockets. The Israelis defended the attack this way:

"This was a pinpoint operation intended to prevent an immediate threat," the Israeli military said in a statement. "There is no intention to disrupt the ceasefire, rather the purpose of the operation was to remove an immediate and dangerous threat posted by the Hamas terror organization."

This is disseminated language or hasbara and is meant to divert attention away from the fact that the Israelis just jeopardized the cease fire.

On December 27, 2008 the war broke out.  However, CNN found out that Hamas didn't fire any rocket. 

CNN's report from January 13, 2009

On November 14, 2012, Hamas leader Ahmed al-Jabari was assassinated by an Israeli missile air strike. Hamas retaliated by firing rockets. The Israelis counter-reacted by launching air strikes. A war became an reality but ended a week later.

But, in September 2012 President Obama had just began a new peace talk process, which have led in full talks between Mahmoud Abbas and the then foreign minister Tzipi Livni, led by US Secretary of State John Kerry. Netanyahu agreed to the release of Palestinian (political) prisoners in four phases. Two phases completed without any problem. The third phase triggered protest among the Israelis who opposed the release of these prisoners. The protest put a pressure on Netanyahu. On April 3, 2014 he decided not to release the 4th and last batch of Palestinian prisoners. The whole peace process was  jeopardized and triggered anger and protests in the West Bank.

Then in June 2014, three settlers went missing. Netanyahu immediately accused that Hamas while having no single evidence whether Hamas was responsible. He didn't investigate whether Hamas was behind. The Israelis launched a massive razzia (not raid as that means surprise attack). Thousands of occupation troops were deployed to carry out house-to-house searches, street-to-street searches. Tens of occupied civilians who protested against the razzia were wounded, a lot of them even killed. On June 30, 2014 the three missing settlers were found dead. Netanyahu immediately vowed "Hamas must pay a high price". And again, no investigation but on the death of the settlers have been carried out. On Jul 8, 2014, Netanyahu ordered the first air strike on Gaza, starting another all-out war with US-made incendiary ammunition.






The term 'settlement' is synonymous to colonization as it is about the inhabitation of a piece of land by your own people. In fact, you need to take a piece of land from someone else first before you can colonize. It is called land grab (of that piece of land). But, that is a term you use in time of peace. Israelis are still war belligerent. The United Nations wouldn't speak in terms of "mounting to war crimes" if the Israelis have had declare their stage of war as lifted, which they still haven't done yet. So, they are not with peace thus their actions are annexation.

Earlier on this page we wrote about the orthodox Jewish "peace pact", which is actually also fueling incitement to exploit:

On September 15, 2020 the UAE and Bahrain were the first Gulf countries who signed the orthodox-Jewish pact. The Israelis agreed to delay settlment plans under its normalization deal with the UAE, something Emirati officials have cited in response to Arab and Muslim criticism.

However, on October 15, 2020 the Israeli human rights watchdog, Peace Now reported that more than 3,000 West Bank settlement homes were approved, making it a total of 12,000 of these illegal homes that year alone. And on January 17, 2021 another 2,500 illegal settler homes were approved. It shows that the Israelis are not negotiators but false, distrustful actors.

On April 7, 2021 Netanyahu announced the forced eviction of Palestinians from Sheik Jarrah. Such announcements have always incite right-wing settlers like this example shows about an ultra-Zionist, speaking English with an American accent who just walked into a Palestinian house in this East Jerusalem neighborhood.

The incident took place on May 5, 2021 during the Passover provocation at the Al Aqsa mosque that also triggered protest in Sheik Jarrah against the forced eviction. 

The Israelis, however, are war belligerent as they are constantly reminded to when the United Nations warn that forced evictions and demolitions tantamount to war crimes. Forced eviction and demolition are to achieve the goal of annexation. The Israelis regularly claim that targeted buildings were constructed without permit. The policy of permits is a violation against the treaty laws on occupation. It brings us to this:

If we look at the ways the Israelis have resorted in Gaza wars, and if we look at the unstoppable forced evictions and demolitions, we see that the Israelis just simply ignore the fact that they are subjected to treaty laws.

The way the Israelis ignore international laws shows the naked truth that they simply don't recognize these laws as they are an obstruction to their achievement to seize as much as possible to make seized land to become part of their own creation of  their state. This is a war crime as it is forbidden to create a new nation inside the occupied nation or to expand by creating new parts but for their own. The Customary International Law is ignored the most for the simple fact that the U.S. doesn't recognize this treaty law because of their own war crimes committed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

If own people are encourage to contribute, it echoes in the way they do: incited uprooting of Palestinians from their homes to take the houses over, incited destruction of Palestinian farmlands, incited throwing of rocks on parked Palestinians cars, even incited killing of Palestinians.

"20210519 - West Bank - Israeli settler kills Palestinian woman at entrance of illegal settlement Qiryat Arba in Hebron - version 2"

But, incitement don't need explicit to come from their leaders. Influence from outside can contribute to (more) fueling of incitement in particular when the influence is chained to a entrenched assimilation into the society of the distributing country via lobyists either Israelis themselves or on behalf of the Israelis. Assimilation takes also place on the internet by editing information into the views of the Israelis:

Entrenched assimilation in the American secular society via Zionist organizations and their supporters.
AIPAC The "American Israel Public Affairs Committee" is a Zionism-aligned lobbying group that propagates politics meant to push Israeli politics into the Congress and into the Executive Branch of the United States. 
AZM American Zionist Movement is found in 1993. It propagates and "defend" Zionism in the United States. The entity is affiliated with the World Zionist Organization (WZO).
CAMERA "Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America", a Zionist group that operates on Wikipedia to mystify entries on the Jewish issue. The use of "Middle East" is to mislead. It is not operating in the field of (news) reporting. It is financed by the ultra-Zionist Naftali Bennett
CPAC The Conservative Political Action Conference is an annual political conference attended by conservative activists and elected officials from across the United States and beyond. CPAC is hosted by the American Conservative Union.
Hadassah Women's Zionist Organization of America. Founded in 1912 by Henrietta Szold.
WZO World Zionist Organization is described (by Zionists) as a 'non-government organization' while the founder, Theodor Herzl in 1897, never proclaimed the organization as such nor did he never used that term. It is an religionized political entity that propagates its course. WZO is also the root of religionized political globalization in modern history. Muslim equivalents are Jihadism, Islamism and Salafism.
ZOA The Zionist Organization of America presents itself as an American non-profit pro-Israel organization. It claims that it is founded in 1897 as the Federation of American Zionists. But, there was no Zionism in the US that year. Richard Gottheil attended the Zionist Congress in Europe in 1898. The organization could only have been found after he returned to the US.


We wrote in '(self) interest', which is one of the elements in Netanyahu's era of polarization, about Jared Kushner's Middle East 'peace plan', and that his team members David Friedman and Jason Greenblatt are also orthodox Jews. Well, the premeditation of forming such a group is not only to continue a religious rivalry against the Palestinians. What more does it play out?

On February 21, 2021 the UAE decided to drastically reduce its funding to the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees in 2020, the year it signed the orthodox-Jewish brokered normalization accord with the Israelis that was heavily criticized by the Palestinian Authority. But, this is not an isolated case. It has its roots:

It is not a secret that the Israeli hard-liners have the desire to exterminate Hamas. It is to many in the world a secret that these Israelis treat everyone, and everything as Hamas. So, every aid from outside is seen is attempts to help those but treated has Hamas, to survive. There was even a calorie scheme, discovered in October 2012, to keep the affected people barely alive as it would cost these hardliners their friendship with the US when they let Gazans just starving to death. 

UNRWA delivers food supply. That is undermining the Israeli hard-liners desire. No wonder that on January 7, 2018 Netanyahu said that he wanted UNRWA gradually to be shut down. Eight months later Trump decided to stop the funding. 




Provocation is by influence that causes incitement to provoke like this example shows.

Passover is a Judaic ritual, the Israelis held every year during the period from April 15th to April 23rd.  The Ramadan begins on April 12th and ends on May 12th every year. Provocateurs "passover" the terrain of the Al Aqsa compound in the exact period when Passover and Ramadan overlapse each other, every year under illegal protection by occupying forces.

However, "Passover" have nothing to do with any temple nor with anything on the Al Aqsa compound. It refers to this explanation:


"In order to protect their first-born children, the Israelites marked their doors with lamb's blood so the angel of death would pass over them. Thus the name Passover, which is “pesach” in Hebrew. The Israelites were ultimately freed from slavery and wandered the desert for 40 years before making it to the promise land"*

*) this is biblical not historical


The Israeli ultra right-wing provocateurs are to be accused of misusing their own belief for destructive purpose similar to Jihad, to carry out in a way that hallmarks the way western people view 'Jihad': revenge, retaliation or religious war. Because, their actions always lead to brutal crackdown, illegal abductions, wounded and deaths among the Palestinian people. The used justification is like when you to say the Israelis:  "It is wrong but we've promised you unwavering support. So, let we just keep telling the world that it is "the right to defend" so that it becomes a doctrine". Well, that is a way of polarization even by the United States.

The video below is taken on April 15, 2021 during the Israeli crackdown after Palestinians protested against the Passover provocation.


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