Ultra right-wing flags provocation

During the Ramadan from April 12th to May 12, 2021 ultra right-wing Zionists extremists marched to the compound to hold a provocation under illegal protection by occupying forces. This have led to the 11-days Gaza war.

On June 14, 2021, the new occupation govt. led by Naftali Bennett approved a march through the Old City by his ultra right-wing extremists, a step that risks inflaming tensions with Palestinians hours after Netanyahu handed over power to Bennett. The next day thousands of occupation troops were deployed ahead of the march to block streets, to shutdown Palestinian shops and to seal off Damascus Gate Plaza. But, that what is reported as 'flag march', it wasn't a march at all. 

Palestinians protested against the provocateurs by waving their flag too. Occupation troops violently respond causing several protesters being wounded and an unknown number of abductions. This have reached Gaza from were balloons with burning textile were launched into southern part of the Israeli territory. But, the Israelis reacted many hours later, namely after midnight. It is then no longer an act of defense but an ordinary retaliation by an incendiary airstrike.

The Israelis refuse to acknowledge the fact that occupying and annexing is just occupying and annexing. They only hold and keep. But 'belonging to' is a much different story.

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