Dec 1, 2013 Gaza conflict brings Fatah and Hamas closer In the aftermath of the most recent Israeli onslaught on the Gaza Strip, some voices, both in the coastal enclave and the West Bank, have increased calls for a unified Palestinian front.

Today, a feud mars relations between the West Bank's Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip.
Nov 30, 2012 Palestine: The meaning of a status upgrade analysis
Nov 29, 2012 Rice: U.N. vote further obstacle to peace U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice condemned the U.N.'s approval to upgrade the Palestinian Authority's status.
Nov 29, 2012 UN recognizes Palestine as non-member state  
Nov 29, 2012 UN approves Palestinian status upgrade The United Nations has voted overwhelmingly to recognise a Palestinian state. The vote, which was taken at a meeting of the body in New York on Thursday, represents a long-sought victory for the Palestinians but a diplomatic defeat for the US, with 138 countries voting in favour of the upgrade. Nine countries including the US and Israel voted against it while 41 others abstained.
Nov 29, 2012 Draft resolution calling for Palestine non-member status at the UN introduced Daffa Alla Elhag Ali Osman, Sudan Ambassador to the UN, introduces the draft resolution calling for Palestinians to be given upgraded non-member state status before the UN General Assembly.
Nov 29, 2012 UN votes to give Palestine non-member status he UN General Assembly has decided to upgrade Palestine from an observer to non-member status.

There was joy from many inside the Assembly in New York, especially from Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

The 193 member states voted overwhelmingly in favour, with 138 in favour, 41 abstentions and nine voting no - the most prominent of which came from Israel and the US.
Nov 29, 2012 Loud cheers as PA Pres. Abbas addresses the UN no description
Nov 29, 2012 Palestinians renews UN statehood bid Analysis
Nov 29, 2012 Ramallah before UN vote report on the mood in Ramallah, West Bank prior to the UN vote on Palestinian statehood.
Nov 23, 2012 Scene of Gaza-Israel border shooting after IDF kills Palestinian One adult has been killed and at least 10 teenagers injured after Israeli soldiers opened fire at the Gaza-Israel border, Gaza medical authorities claimed. The incident happened east of the city of Khan Yunis in southern Gaza. The clashes erupted after a group of Palestinian farmers wandered into the disputed 300-meter buffer zone along the border
Nov 23, 2012 Israeli troops kill Palestinian on the Gaza border

A Palestinian man has been shot dead close to the Israeli/Gaza border.

It is the first reported killing since the ceasefire came into force on Wednesday.

The IDF says around 300 people approached the border fence east of Kahn Younis and some tried to break through. Israeli troops then fired warning shots and after these were ignored they shot at their legs.

A number of others suffered gunshot wounds.

Palestinians claim the people were a group of farmers who were trying to retrieve parts from the wreckage of an Israeli jeep.

Nov 22, 2012 Gaza's underground economy also takes a hit no description
Nov 22, 2012 Gazans begin to clean up and rebuild After 8 days of Israeli missiles raining down upon their homes, the new, Egyptian-brokered ceasefire allows Gazans to return to their homes and start the clean-up process.
Nov 21, 2012 Gaza resident Rana Baker no description
Nov 21, 2012 Gaza ceasefire enters first full day no description
Nov 21, 2012 Gaza ceasefire comes into effect no description
Nov 21, 2012 Gaza ahead of truce Report from Gaza on the situation there less than hour before the ceasefire is supposed to takes effect.
Nov 21, 2012 Political isolation eases on Gaza The changing geo-political landscape means Gaza is no longer as isolated as it once was.

Countries in the region have openly displayed their support for Hamas.

The Gaza Strip has been visited by Egypt's prime minister, the foreign ministers of Tunisia and Turkey, and a delegation from the Arab League.
Nov 21, 2012 Details truce deal between Israel and Gaza no description
Nov 21, 2012 Heavy shelling of Gaza following Tel Aviv bus attack Israeli forces launched multiple missile attacks on Gaza on the eighth day of the ongoing 'Pillar of Defense' operations. The shelling followed the explosion on a bus in central Tel Aviv.
Nov 19, 2012 Iron Dome in action Israel's Iron Dome comes into action as rockets fired from Gaza are intercepted.
Nov 19, 2012 Israeli genocide advocate - exposed on Channel 4 news "The son of former Israeli prime minister and war criminal, Arial Sharon, is here publicly exposed by Channel 4 presenter John Snow for having advocated flattening Gaza. In an Israeli newspaper article Gilad Sharon has implied that Gaza with its population of one and a half million people be treated in the same way as Hiroshima and Nagasaki saying "Flatten all of Gaza. The Americans didn't stop with Hiroshima -- the Japanese weren't surrendering fast enough, so they hit Nagasaki, too," .

"Given that the population of Gaza largely consists of those that Israel previously expelled from their homes (ethnically cleansed) during previous conflicts this attitude is cruel in the extreme."
Nov 19, 2012 Spirited Exchange Marks Briefing on Israel A spirited exchange between an Associated Press reporter and spokesperson Victoria Nuland marked the U.S. State Department's daily briefing Monday on the continued violence between Israel and Hamas.
Nov 19, 2012 Huge blasts in Gaza City as Israel targets Hamas compound Israeli missiles hit the headquarters of the Palestinian National Security Forces. The air strike caused a huge explosion, leaving one building in flames. Elsewhere in Gaza City on Monday, an air strike leveled two houses belonging to a single family, killing at least 11 civilians, including four children and toddlers.
Nov 19, 2012 Israel defends air strikes that hit media building no description
Nov 19, 2012 Media building in Gaza hit for the second time Video shows as the media building housing Al Arabiya, Al Aqsa and Dubai TV was hit for the second time. At least one person was confirmed dead during the air strike.
Nov 18, 2012 WHO calls for effective response to Gaza crisis Mahmoud Daher is the head of the Gaza office for the World Health Organisation.

He is co-ordinating with other international aid organisations for an effective humanitarian response to the crisis.
Nov 18, 2012 Obama Defends Israel's Right to Defend Itself President Barack Obama on Sunday defended Israel's airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, but he warned that escalating the offensive with Israeli ground troops could deepen the death toll and undermine any hope of a peace process with the Palestinians.
Nov 18, 2012 Huge air strike in Gaza Have a listen to what happened as our Al Jazeera news presenter was speaking to our correspondent Nicole Johnston in Gaza.

Moments later Johnston tweeted that the Israeli airstrike hit a police station, some 400m away from Al Jazeera's offices.

Drones and aircrafts are constantly circling the strip which has about 1,500,000 people living in it.
Nov 18, 2012 White House rhetoric 'contributing' to the crisis in Gaza Ibrahim Sharqieh, a foreign policy fellow at the Brookings Doha Centre, says the response of Barack Obama, US president, to the escalating violence in Gaza has been "perfectly in line with the traditional response" from the White House. This response "accusing one party ... the Palestinians", and holding them responsible for the escalating violence. This rhetoric, is "contributing to the crisis", rather than solving it. Conversely, he said "the Brits are getting it ... [that] this escalation is not helping any party".
Nov 17, 2012 Israel increases reservists and missile defence Rockets fired from Gaza have hit the southern Israeli city of Ashdod, as the cross border conflict shows no sign of dying down.

One destroyed a car and two others landed in a residential area of Israel's sixth largest city. The fourth rocket struck a building.

The Israel Defence Force (IDF) says it intercepted an additional four rockets - all headed for Ashdod.

Four people were taken to a local medical centre after suffering minor injuries from the attack.

This comes on the same day the Israeli cabinet authorized the mobilization of up to 75,000 reservists.

Nov 17, 2012 Raw: Israel Fires Rockets From 'Iron Dome'* At least five Israelis were slightly wounded in a rocket attack on the city of Ashdod on Saturday, according to a police spokesman. Following those attacks, the military deployed an Iron Dome rocket defence battery in central Israel on Saturday.
Nov 17, 2012 Early-morning strikes hit Gaza Israeli strikes on Gaza continued early on Sunday morning. A huge blast happened in Gaza City as Al Jazeera's Nicole Johnston was giving a live update from the Israeli side of the border. A government security building hitin the strike that happened at 4:05GMT. There are reports of injuries.
Nov 16, 2012 'Ceasefire' collapses as Egypt PM visit Gaza Explosions were reported after Israeli military offers conditional halt to strikes during Hesham Qandil's solidarity meeting in Gaza
Nov 16, 2012 Latest analysis on the Gaza crisis no description
Nov 16, 2012 Gaza strikes: Motives and consequences As Israel and Hamas fighters attack each other, fears are growing that their conflict could develop into a full-scale ground war in the Gaza Strip. Israel says all options are on the table. Hamas says dark days await Israel. It also says it has, for the first time, fired missiles at Tel Aviv. So, what are the motives and the consequences of this latest series of attacks on Gaza? And could these be the opening shots in Binjamin Netanyahu's election campaign?
Nov 16, 2012 Correspondents report on Gaza-Israel attacks no description
Nov 16, 2012 Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev no description
Nov 16, 2012 Rockets from Gaza reach Tel Aviv, Jerusalem Despite the Israeli airstrikes, Hamas continue to fire rockets across the border from Gaza.
Nov 15, 2012 Israeli media: Three killed by Hamas rocket Israeli media are reporting that three people were killed when a Hamas rocket hit an apartment building in southern Israel. Nadim Baba has more details.
Nov 15, 2012 Fears of full-scale war between Israel and Hamas Aaron David Miller Prof. Shibley Telhami about the Israeli and Palestinian attacks.
Nov 15, 2012 Israel: 'We want peace' Israeli Prime Minister's Spokesman Mark Regev responds to conflict on both sides of the Israeli-Gaza border.
Nov 15, 2012 Dozens of airstrikes in retaliation for Hamas rocket fire Dozens of airstrikes are launched in retaliation for ongoing Hamas rocket fire
Nov 15, 2012 Israeli spokesman discusses latest attacks Israeli spokesperson Mark Regev speaks about the Hamas rocket attack that killed three Israelis in the southern city of Kiryat Malachi. Regev says this kind of attack is "nothing new", and that Israeli will "continue to hit the Hamas military machine". When asked whether all 15 Palestinians killed so far in the Israeli airstrikes were involved with the attacks on Israeli civilians, Regev said Israel "only targets militants" but unfortunately sometimes innocent civilians get caught in the crossfire.
Nov 15, 2012 World leaders in war of words over Gaza Leaders in the Middle East and in the US say they do not want to see a new war in Gaza. The US on Thursday held fast in its belief that Israel had launched its attack in self-defence. It still appealed to Egypt, which pulled out its ambassador from Tel Aviv, to help end the crisis. But so far the US has not used its considerable leverage with either Israel or Egypt to push publicly for an end to the violence.
Nov 15, 2012 Israeli-Hamas conflict intensifies The Israeli air strikes that killed Hamas military leader Ahmed al-Jabari has started an all-out war between Hamas and Israel. It's the worst escalation of violence since Israel launched its war on Gaza four years ago, and the international community is taking sides.
Nov 14, 2012 Israeli army spokeswoman comments on Gaza attacks no description
Nov 14, 2012 Obituary: Ahmad Jabari Ahmad Jabari was a high-ranking member of Hamas and in command of the movement's military wing, the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, in the Gaza Strip. He was killed in an Israeli air strike on his car in Gaza on November 14.