Israeli nuclear weapons production program

At the end of the 1950, the Israelis signed the Atoms For Peace Agreement with the United States under President Dwight D. Eisenhower for the financing of a nuclear plant whereby the Americans agreed to help in the construction near Soreq. During the construction, the Israelis were building a second nuclear plant but outside the Negev village of Dimona in secret and with the help of France. American diplomats in Tel Aviv were informed by a businessman that there were construction activities near Dimona. When it came out that it was about the construction of a second nuclear plant, the United States under President John F. Kennedy reacted furious and demanded clarification. It was given by the Polish Zionist migrant, and first Israeli leader David Ben Gurion with the words " prevent a second Holocaust from happening". The United States didn't take further actions ever since to prevent the Israelis from being the first nuclear power. 

For years, the Israelis pursued a nuclear defense policy that is to described as intentional ambiguity. It was a position every American president since Dwight Eisenhower accepted. But, in a decision from 2015 adopted by the Department of Defense, a top-secret document detailing the Israeli nuclear program was declassified. By publishing the declassified document that specifies the Israeli nuclear capabilities, the U.S. breached a silent, but well understood, agreement. Moreover, the document also notes the existence of research laboratories in the territory of the Israelis which are the equivalent of our Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore and Oak Ridge National Laboratories. (Jerusalem Post has removed the article, so we removed the link because it redirects you to their current website). But President Obama ordered in 2014 more than just 1 document to be declassified. They are known as the NUMEC files.


Today, we hear the Israelis constantly saying that they will do everything to prevent Iran from having a nuclear bomb. They knew all the time that Iran never had one before while letting everyone believe that Iran has nuclear bombs.


Israel has one of the most technologically advanced missile arsenals in the Middle East. Aided by foreign assistance and collaboration over the past six decades, Israel domestically produces numerous cruise and ballistic missiles and has engaged in the export of missile systems to numerous other nations.

In an apparent slip of the tongue on Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described Israel as a nuclear power before correcting himself with a bashful nod and an embarrassed smile.

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Report by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) says there’s an estimated 13,865 nuclear weapons in the hands of nine states.

Is the silence over Israeli nukes doing more harm than good?

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