Taiwan & Taiwan Strait

monitoring based on the following:

  • the chronology of history on which the state of Taiwan became to exist.
  • China's willful refusal to acknowledge that its history does not include any attempt to retake Taiwan after the Chinese civil war. 
  • International law subjected to the waters surrounding the state of Taiwan

Growing military tension around Taiwan as well as economic and technological rivalry between China and the United States raises the prospect of crisis in the region as the power balance shifts in China's favour, Japan said in its annual defence white paper.

Japan's deputy prime minister said the country needed to defend Taiwan with the United States if the island was invaded, Kyodo news agency reported late on Monday, angering Beijing which regards Taiwan as its own territory.

China condemned the United States on Wednesday as the region's greatest security "risk creator" after a U.S. warship again sailed through the sensitive waterway that separates Taiwan from China.

Beijing has also sent more ships to the disputed South China Sea in what one analyst described as ‘strategic intimidation’.

Some 28 Chinese military aircraft flew into Taiwan's air defence zone on Tuesday, said its defence ministry, the largest reported incursion so far.

China has warned the United States “not to play with fire” on Taiwan issues after the Department of State updated its guidelines easing restrictions on meetings between US officials and their counterparts from the island, which Beijing claims as its own.

Beijing blamed the United States on Thursday for tensions over Taiwan after a U.S. warship sailed close to the Chinese-claimed island, asking rhetorically whether China would sail in the Gulf of Mexico as a “show of strength”.

Fifteen Chinese air force aircraft entered Taiwan’s air defence identification zone on Wednesday, including 12 fighter jets, the island’s defence ministry said.

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