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Some say it is about a conflict, others say it is about occupation. We say it is about a more than 70 years long of militarization of religionized ideas which sprouted in 1897 when the Hungarian Theodor Herzl came up with the idea that Jews have the right to have their own land. His idea was a response to the pogroms against Jews in Russia and neighboring countries.

The militarization of that idea was by the founding in September 1940 of the Stern gang, a Jewish terrorist group led by Ahvram Stern and had one of the earliest Israeli prime ministers,  Yitzak Shamir among its members. So, who are the Israelis to talk about Palestinian terrorists!

In 1944, the terrorist group and other Jewish European migrants fought a war against the British in what was then British Mandatory Palestine and resulted in a invasion of Jewish migrants forcing the British to give up the control of the Mandatory

This historical event has inspired us to look in what is claimed antisemitism but were confronted with a very complex issue. We needed 19 chapters to write.

But here, on this website we do not monitor what is happening in the West Bank or Gaza. We focus on what have led or caused:

It is the militarization of religionized ideas that is the real cause, which began with terrorism and war to gain, while the Israelis just do everything to keep and expand that was gained 70 years ago. The latter only reveals the existence of a program meant to erase all references to the existence of Palestinians, while the Israelis don't have a single historical continuity.

So are those Jews who migrated from Eastern Europe during the 19th and 20th century. That is why we reject the idea that there is antisemitism against Jews.

If there is really antisemitism then only against the Palestinian Semitic people as they do not descend from 19th and 20th century European migrants, settlers and colonists.

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Click title to read violation. You need a pdf reader such as Adobe Acrobat.

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