The website is actually not build for mobile phone users as GLOSM focuses on visitors who work from their offices.

Still, the website works pretty well on mobile phones but different unless you tap on the three dots in the right corner above your mobile phone.

Select "Desktop site" and click on the check box. You then can view our website as like on a pc screen (see instruction below) .

Note: you don't see the warning on the left of our domain name when you are working on a pc. The website is secured. However, we don't collect data.

The website is build in a three-column structure with a side bar on the right. Testing have learned us that video material cannot exceed the width  of 150 pixels as each video material will then overlap into the next column. So, the video material remains looking tiny when you click on the title to open the related page.

In each embedded video you can see three dots. Just tap on the these dots and you will open a dialogue box. Select and tap what is marked with a red arrow.



  • all videos are taken by people from around the globle and shared on social media.



The way we document video material is in the context you can read here.

Name of places, if provided by the source, are in the title of each post, while tags represents the context in which a video has been documented.

Video material may be time labeled as 00:00, which means that the video comes from our archive but documented during the period when we didn't use time of posting as displayed below the left corner of a tweet.

 or the time as stamped by Twitter doesn't correspond with what is visible to see in the video (i.e video is posted around 23.10 pm but shows a scene taken on an afternoon)..


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