Birth of Putin's desires

Eurasia Union

It all began with a speech.

The war in Ukraine, Putin had brandished to the world as "military operation" but in Russia "special military operation" did not begin on February 24, 2022. His war have never ended since he started on the same date but in 2014. The war as it happens since 2022 can be considered as part two.

Even the roots of resuming the war in 2022 is the same as those in 2014: the expansion of the European Union by former Soviet states on the western border of Russia.

The roots of the real beginning of the current war lays back in 2011 when Putin announces the creation his own version of the European Union, the Eurasia Union, which differs completely. Because, those of Putin is only about trade between countries with a regime similar to Russia. The European Union is found on series of principles on various levels including rights and freedoms. Putin wanted his union to be active by 2015.


Sunday, 20 November 2011 00:00

Putin's own "European Union"

On this page two videos from the Russian propagandist outlet Russia Today, now renamed in RT, and reveals Putin's Eurasia Union project as his answer against the move of former Soviet states towards the European Union who no longer want to have to do with Russia's past, and against Boris Yeltsin's Westernization of the Russian economy.

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