refers to the erasure of all references to the existence of the life of the nation of Ukraine, such as

  • by transition of the national education system into those of the invading country without pulbic consultation
  • by replacing national passports into those of the invading country to erase national identity of Ukraine
  • by replacing the currency into those of the invading country without public consultation
  • by redressing official documents with the identity of the invading country
  • by painting over the national colors at the city entries with the colors of the invading country
  • by renaming streets, cities and other places in the language of the invading country
  • by renaming streets after those who are from the invading country and/or aligned with the invading country.
  • by destroying buildings, objects and sites representing the heritage and the identity of Ukraine.
  • by imposing prohibition in the use, display and/or expression of references (in support) to the existence of Ukraine.

These acts hallmark the practice of assimilation as seen in East Turkestan by the Chinese occupiers, and in Palestine by Israeli occupiers.

When these acts directly and drastically lead to forced change of life, they then are violations of articles defined in the Genocide Convention. 

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