GLOSM.Org. is an research entity operating in the field of human research and focuses on effects as result of interference by humans on other humans and their living environment. 

However, GLOSM.Org only monitors effects as result of interference by one or more people of a country on the entire population in that country.

What happens in Ukraine is about interference by one single person from a country on a whole population in a neighboring country and beyond. So, it's not about one single country but about the whole region of Western Europe with side effects on the whole world.



The website is actually not build for mobile phone users as EUSEC focuses on visitors who work from their offices.

Still, the website works pretty well on mobile phones but different unless you tap on the three dots in the right corner above your mobile phone.

Select "Desktop site" and click on the check box. You then can view our website as like on a pc screen (see screenshot) .

The website is build in a three-column structure with a side bar on the right. Testing have learned us that video material cannot exceed the width  of 150 pixels as each video material will then overlap into the next column. So, the video material remains looking tiny when you click on the title to open the related page.

In each embedded video you can see three dots. Just tap on the these dots and you will open a dialogue box. Select and tap what is marked with a red arrow.



  • all videos are taken by people in Ukraine and shared on social media.



There are many ways to interpret a video you watch. On Twitter they are merely shared in a political if not politicized context. That is not what you will find here on our website. We focus primarily on what has been done and what effect they cause on those who do not participate. So, the context is pure humanitarian and international laws.

It is not in our position to add conclusive findings such as 'it is a war crime'. That is why you find much different terms in the menu on the side bar.



Video which are posted by social media users in the early morning hours and during late evening and night, while they show a clear daylight scene are on our website time stamped with "00:00" because the exact time is not known.



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