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Lawmakers in Hungary approved legislation Tuesday that prohibits sharing with minors any content portraying homosexuality or sex reassignment, something supporters said would help fight pedophilia but which human rights groups denounced as anti-LGBT discrimination.

Hundreds of Israeli ultranationalists, some chanting “Death to Arabs,” paraded Tuesday in east Jerusalem in a show of force that threatened to spark renewed violence just weeks after a war with Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip.

"Systemic failings", "failings of individual officers", and "lack of candour" are just some of the conclusions found by a report on how London's Metropolitan Police dealt with a 1987 murder.

Six Palestinians arrested as far-right Israeli settler groups begin to march through occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City.

Hungarian MPs on Tuesday adopted a law banning any content portraying or "promoting" homosexuality or sex reassignment to anyone under 18.

Rights group calls for a probe into the UN sharing data about more than 800,000 refugees with Bangladesh, which passed it on to Myanmar.

Policy missteps, entrenched corruption and an over-reliance on oil have pushed the country’s economy to the brink.

Hungarian lawmakers will vote on Tuesday on bills banning any content portraying or promoting homosexuality or sex reassignment to anyone under 18.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed says the government wants a "peaceful, democratic" election and urges for unity during the inauguration of the rebuilt Meskel Square ahead of the country's approaching election.

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