Israeli air attacks in Gaza investigated by Human Rights Watch have been targeting apparent civilian structures and killing civilians in violation of the laws of war. Israel should end unlawful attacks that do not target military objectives and may be intended as collective punishment or broadly to destroy civilian property. Deliberate or reckless attacks violating the laws of war are war crimes, Human Rights Watch said.

A 15-year-old boy was shot dead on Friday morning as the Israeli military continued to use crowd-control weapons and live ammunition against civilians in the search for three Israeli teens.

Two Palestinians were killed Friday as Palestinian youth clashed with Israeli soldiers in the southern West Bank town of Dura.

24-hour decree seen as sending message to PA that ‘it is not business as usual,’ but some settlers oppose move.

In a sickening display of double standards, the suspected abduction of three Israeli settler teenagers from the Hebron area has been used to unleash widespread attacks on Palestinians, .......

Israel gave approval Wednesday for the construction of 172 new homes for Jewish settlers in annexed east Jerusalem, a city councillor said, nearly two weeks after it announced thousands.

Israel re-arrested 51 Palestinians freed in a 2011 prisoner swap deal, the army said on Wednesday, in the sixth day of a massive search for three missing teens believed abducted in the occupied West Bank.

Israel's massive arrest campaign, closure of large parts of West Bank cities, and the recent killing of a Palestinian youth in al-Jalazun refugee camp constitute collective punishment, Palestinian rights groups said Tuesday.

The Israeli resistance organisation B’Tselem issued this catalogue of some of the punitive actions taken against the entire population. More is expected as Israel takes full advantage with air strikes on Gaza.

Israel stepped up efforts to crush Hamas in the West Bank on Tuesday as the hunt for three Israeli teenagers believed kidnapped by the Islamist movement entered its fifth day.

150 Palestinians have been detained in a mass roundup intended to intimidate Hamas, whom Israel blames for the abduction of three teenage boys.