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The attack on Federal Government College in Kebbi State is the third assault by gangs on a school in Nigeria in a month.

Israel targets a civil administration building, sites belonging to armed Palestinian groups and an agricultural field, sources say.

A Myanmar ethnic political group fighting the army in the east has pledged to investigate junta accusations that its forces abducted a group of 47 people and killed 25 of them last month.

Hundreds of officers search group’s headquarters after five arrested under National Security Law, accused of ‘collusion with foreign forces’.

Protesters block roads, burn tyres and clash with police in Ettadhamen and Intilaka neighbourhoods of Tunis.

Two elderly civilians died on Tuesday after Myanmar junta troops set a village on fire in Magwe Region’s Pauk Township, according to relatives of the victims and local residents.

The blaze on Tuesday at Kin Ma, a village of about 800 people, left an estimated 200 homes reduced into piles of ash and bricks.

For decades Ethiopians have flocked to Lebanon in search of work. But many find a cycle of abuse that’s hard to escape.

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