South Africa

Community members left reeling after days of violence and looting caused widespread destruction and more than 200 deaths.

Standing before a looted mall and surrounded by soldiers, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa vowed Friday to restore order to the country after a week of violence set off by the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma.

In one of the largest deployments of soldiers since the end of white minority rule, 25,000 South African troops began taking up positions Thursday to help quell weeklong riots sparked by the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma. At least 117 people have been killed in the violence, authorities said.

  • Troop deployment doubles to 10,000
  • Big clean-up begins after days of looting
  • Food, fuel in short supply
  • Unrest highlights social and economic problems

South African police and the army struggled to bring order Wednesday to impoverished areas of South Africa rocked by weeklong unrest and days of looting sparked by the imprisonment last week of ex-President Jacob Zuma.

  • Worst violence in years breaks out after Zuma jailing
  • Anger at post-apartheid inequalities underpins riots
  • Residents organise to protect property, confront looters
  • Presidency considers further military deployment
  • Jailing of ex-president Zuma triggered initial protests
  • Violence has broadened into protest over social injustice
  • More than 40 killed so far in unrest
  • Troops move in to flashpoints to help outnumbered police
  • Shops, warehouses and some COVID-19 vaccine sites shut

South African farmers have been hit by days of unrest and looting as trucks carrying produce are prevented from delivering to markets, threatening food supplies, industry officials said.

The bodies of 10 people were found on Monday evening after a stampede at a Soweto shopping mall as looting continued in Gauteng province, premier David Makhura said on Tuesday read more .

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