In the early days of Ramadan in April 2021, Netanyahu announced the eviction of Palestinians, most of them already force evicted from Haifa during Nakba in 1948. The forced eviction is part of a process to annex whole East Jerusalem to make it being part of West Jerusalem in order to have one complete Zionized Jerusalem.

In the mid of this Ramadan, Israeli extremists marched to Al Aqsa for the annual provocation against worshipers. It came to skirmishes started by the extremists, which looks like an attempt to lure occupying troops to intervene but against the worshiper. The troops  launched a crackdown which turned into a massive protest against Netanyahu's announcement. 

When the Israeli crackdown on both protest locations started to lead to casualties, the military wing of Hamas issued a warning. The Israelis ignored the warning and continued in making more casualties. That was the moment when the military wing of Hamas decided to react by launching rockets. The Israelis counter-reacted by launching airstrikes in Gaza.

This cycle of reaction and counter-reaction that has its roots in Netanyahu's announcement at the start of the Ramadan, went on until the time of today.

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In late 2012, President Obama started a new peace talk process, which in 2013 have led in full talks between Mahmoud Abbas and the then foreign minister Tzipi Livni, led by US Secretary of State John Kerry. The result included the release of Palestinian prisoners in four phases.

Two phases completed without any problem. The third phase triggered protest among the Israelis who opposed the release of these prisoners. But, on April 3, 2014 Netanyahu suddenly decided not to release the 4th and last batch of Palestinian prisoners. The whole peace process was jeopardized and triggered anger and protests in the West Bank.

Then in June 2014, three settlers went missing. The Israelis launched a massive razzia (not raid as that means surprise attack). Thousands of occupation troops were deployed to carry out house-to-house searches, street-to-street searches. Tens of occupied civilians who protested against the razzia were wounded, a lot of them even killed.

On June 30, 2014 the three missing settlers were found dead. Netanyahu immediately accused Hamas and vowed "Hamas must pay a high price". No investigation on the missing and death of the settlers have been carried out. On Jul 8, 2014, Netanyahu ordered the first air strike on Gaza.



On November 14, 2012,  Hamas leader Ahmed al-Jabari was assassinated by an Israeli missile airstrike. Hamas retaliated by firing rockets. The Israelis counter-reacted by launching airstrikes. A war became an reality but ended a week later.


GAZA WAR 2008-2009

Israelis opened an offensive after they claimed that Hamas had fired rockets. But, CNN found out that Hamas didn't fire any rocket. In an interview with Bloomberg in 2009, the then former prime minister Netanyahu uttered "Hamas must be destroyed".  It's here were his obsession against Hamas, actually against all Palestinians comes from. On December 27, 2008 the war broke out. It ended on January 18, 2009




The United States have always backed the claim "Israel have the right to defend itself". This claim doesn't match with the status the Israelis internationally have.

In 2006, the United Nations issued a warning that actions by Israelis in Lebanon could mount to war crimes. On May 7, 2021 the United Nations issued a warning that forced eviction of occupied civilians from Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem could be a war crime when carried out. Between this period, the United Nations have issued more of such warnings.

If we translate these warnings into the context of international law of war, with these warning the United Nations (still) considers the Israelis as war belligerent

In January 2009 and during the First Gaza War, the then spokesman of the Israelis, the Australian Zionist migrant, so not an Semitic person, Mark Regev, who later was appointed as 'ambassador' of the Israelis to the United Kingdom, was asked by a British TV crew: "Are the Israelis at war". He answered: "We're at war in all times". Regev actually admits that the Israelis never lifted the stage of war since 1967. 

Israeli troops, including those dressed as police forces while belonging to the occupying forces, are obliged to apply themselves to international treaty laws regarding war and warfare. Therefore:

  • Shooting and/or killing of protesters, based on what we monitor since 2008, is willful ignoring distinction of civilians and military objectives, thus a war violation when occupied civilians are shot at, and a war crime when these people are killed.
  • In the Rules Of Military Occupation of the Laws Of War, it is stated that arresting in occupied territory must by consent of the occupied power and with the presence of a representative of the occupied power. Israeli occupying troops still violating these rules and laws.
  • Demolition and removing of any object belonging to the occupied people, or is part of the environment in the occupied territory, is willful ignoring distinction of civilian objects and military objective, thus a war violation. However, demolition and removing are part of an illegal settlement policy and will not only be viewed as war violation. It is also erasing of all references to the existence of the occupied people, so existential genocide both in Gaza and in the West Bank.



The Israeli rules of engagement treats every Palestinian  - that means babies, children, men and women even when they are not capable, able to or just don't participate -  as combatant. This is willful ignoring distinction of civilians and military objectives.

These rules also view every structure, every building and any other object in Gaza as military. This is willful ignoring distinction of civilian objects and military objectives.

The Israeli rules of engagement are a violation against the Laws Of War especially because the Israelis are still a war belligerent since 1967 and they are (still) a military occupying power.


So, in what context does GLOSM monitor the Israelis?

Status I GLOSM can only recognize the territory of the Israelis but before 1967. It isn't able because the Israelis never provided the official borders to the United Nations. Their move paves the way to expand endlessly until all of Palestine is in their possession.
Status II The Israelis never have lifted the stage of war since 1967 and thus (still) at war (Mark Regev in a 2009 interview). This means that they are still a war belligerent. So are are all those in Palestine when they take up arms against acts of war by Israelis.
Occupation The transfer of own people, and those who are crowd funded from other countries, into the territory of the occupied power, is illegal as they (still) take place during the never lifted stage of war.
Usufruct The establishment of settlements as well the expansion of existing settlements is of permanent character leading to taking plots on which they are build in possession, which then is an clear act of annexation.  These activities then violate the section about usufruct as stated in the Rules of Military Occupation.
Guarantees As occupying entity, the Israelis are obliged to apply to the Geneva Convention regarding the guarantee of safety and security they must provide to the civilians they are occupying.
Jerusalem Any altering of Jerusalem, in particular East Jerusalem by the Israelis, is a violation against resolution UNGA/A/ES-10/L.22. Militarized control of the Al Aqsa Mosque is in violation against the rule regarding distinction and  respect of religious sites as stated in the Protocols to the Geneva Conventions. It is also in violation against Jordan's custodianship.
Palestinian Authority GLOSM monitors in what way the cooperation between the occupying entity and the occupied power violates international laws, and in what way their cooperation puts the international status of the occupied people at risk as it violates the Rules of Military Occupation.
Gaza The strip is administered by an civilian government. But, its members are designated by the U.S. and the E.U. as belonging to an terrorist organization. GLOSM refuses to resort in the practice of politicization of the literal meaning of "terrorists" and "terrorism", as "designate" is an act of political motivated brandishing of anyone in Gaza as such. See also Israeli rules of engagement.
United States The United States has always said that it will support the Israelis in an unconditional manner. GLOSM views this commitment in the context of the US historical involvement since the invention of "Israelis" in 1948. It also considers the relationship as collusion, facilitation and even collaboration in the existential genocide, meaning the erasing of all references to the very existence of the Palestinians by the Israelis.

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