We started monitoring Turkey when we first learned about Al Jazeera in 2007. The Qatari broadcast was then already operating since its founding in 1996.  A report from that year (2007) about the rise of Islamic hotels in Turkey took our attention because the founding of the nation is by secularism. Erdogan was then just one year prime minister after a career as a mayor of Istanbul. 

Over the course of his career as a prime minister, Erdogan poured series of changes, such as segregation in student dorm rooms, re-introduction of the head scarf, policies against (secular) women, which send the message that he want to get rid of the principles on which Turkey was found in 1923. More evidence about messing with the foundation (later the constitution) of secularism came when we found Erdogan's very first claim of "overthrowing the government" by generals. That was in 2008. Numerous versions of "overthrowing the government" were fabricated since then.

Erdogan's background contains a lot of information describing his characters of personality as provocative, offensive, aggressive, dominant, paranoid, anxious, impulsive, primitive, vindictive, megalomania. His personal conflict with Fetullah Gulen over disagreement about how to Islamize Turkey  -indeed, both are Islamists-  learned us that Erdogan is a militant Islamist.

When Gulen, who is a clerc, criticized Erdogan's crackdown on the Gezi Park protests in 2014, it was the beginning of Erdogan's vendetta against the cleric that ended up in an never proven accusation that Gulen was behind the July 2016 event. Protesters who were arrested years later where accused of  "overthrowing the government" while the protest was only about saving the last green area in Istanbul from Erdogan's plan to build a Ottoman stylish garrison.

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Selahaddin was brought back to Turkey by agents from the National Intelligence Organisation, Turkish media said.

Millions of Turks have tuned in this month to the YouTube channel of convicted Turkish mob boss Sedat Peker with his videos gripping the nation and rattling the government.

This article should be read in the context of the effects of Erdogan's spending spree on mega projects, such as ....

Turkish authorities forcibly removed followers of an Islamist figure from three mosques in southern Turkey, saying their prayer gatherings were a provocation against COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

Turkish police have instructed officers to prevent people filming or recording security forces on smartphones while they are on duty, Turkish media reported on Friday.

The Turkish government's decision to ban alcohol sales during a 17-day COVID-19 lockdown that starts on Thursday has angered some secular Turks who see it as President Tayyip Erdogan's latest imposition of a religious lifestyle on all of society.

Investigation being conducted in 62 provinces as part of a sustained crackdown against the network of US-based preacher, state media says.

Turkish police have detained 62 people in an investigation of a cryptocurrency trading platform provider, state-owned Anadolu news agency said on Friday, after thousands of Turks filed criminal complaints saying they had been scammed.

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