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You are going to visit a series of pages, each representing a month in which the COVID19 pandemic crisis management by the Chinese regime is documented.

You can visit the relevant website directly from each entry in any timeline to read the whole story.

Please, be aware that

  • entries may include my own comment
  • in relation to Chinese source: there is no distribution of independent information. All information must be in line with the views of the Chinese system, They should always be at least considered either as incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete
  • in relation to non-Chinese sources reporting about China: all expressed views and opinions in articles and news reports published on the website you can visit are solely those of the source or sources, and may not reflect the facts as recognized in scientific findings and/or the chronology of events.
  • the timelines are about documenting the chronology of events, actions, statements that have been made, policies that have been put into practice, etc.