No, Im not going to write about the insane behavior of those in Bangladesh who claim to be Muslims but show only to have learned that what they should do in an abattoir, not openly in the streets.

China is the only country in Asia were the symbol of money have poured even into the tiniest edges of daily life. It have always been even during the real communist era.

China is known for stealing fish from someone else's water to feed the mouth of billions of its people.

We all know the swastika from the Nazis. However, it's not their invention.

AJ UpFront is a confronting talk show with in its latest show as guests one of Bahrain's most known human rights activist Mariyam al-Khawaja. Yes, from the same well known human rights defense al-Khawaja family and a pro-government "analyst".

Ever heard, read or seen that somebody sues god? You don't? Neither do I. It is in India today and goes like this:

This video was posted by the Israeli progressive news outlet Haaretz and shows Israeli Orthodox Jewish wedding-goers celebrating the killing of a Palestinian toddler has prompted strong condemnation. 

To understand this article you have to go a little back into time. That means five months when on July 31 two homes in Duma, West Bank were set ablaze. An 18-month-old Palestinian boy has burned alive as autopsy in Tel Aviv concluded.

On October 21, 2015 The Times Of Israel wrote:

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