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Let us begin with this video:

GLOSM managed to gain some knowledge about COVID-19 by following events from the very beginning (December 2019) to the present time of today. However, our knowledge is only about what have taken place and how it have taken place. We did not, and still do not follow the pandemic on a medical scientific level.

It has been for more than 25 years that Turkey is trying to become a member of the Europe Union. But, to start the accession talks, Turkey must comply to the principles on which the Union is found. The existence of clear democracy is one of these principles.

Guess what …. today Erdogan have filed a complaint (again). This time against the Dutch politician Geert Wilders who in Turkey is brandished as “far-right”. The Turks seems not to know when to use “far-right” and “right”. “More right” is NOT “far right”.

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