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Erdogan, it’s was quoting, not insulting!

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Guess what …. today Erdogan have filed a complaint (again). This time against the Dutch politician Geert Wilders who in Turkey is brandished as “far-right”. The Turks seems not to know when to use “far-right” and “right”. “More right” is NOT “far right”.


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Far-rightism leans to fascism and focuses on targeting against everyone who is not native to the country, focuses on ultra-extreme conservatism and are anti-democracy. Far-rightists are known for their aggressive, often violent approach and are often involved in crimes against those they politically oppose. Geert Wilders is by far not operating in this field.

Erdogan himself is an a Muslim version of the ultra-rightists in western countries. Look at his fingers while lifting up his hand. That’s the symbol of the Grey Wolves.

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The Grey Wolves officially known as Idealist Hearths is a Turkish far-right organization and movement affiliated with the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP). Commonly described as ultranationalist and neo-fascist, it is a youth organization that has been described as MHP’s paramilitary or militant wing. Its members deny its political nature and claim it to be a cultural and education foundation, as per its full official name: Ülkü Ocakları Eğitim ve Kültür Vakfı (Idealist Clubs Educational and Cultural Foundation).

During the political violence between 1976 and 1980, members of the Grey Wolves were involved in numerous assassinations of left-wing and liberal activists, intellectuals, labor organizers, Kurds, officials, and journalists. The organization became a death squad engaged in “street killings and gunbattles”.

These criminals are also in the Netherlands and in neighboring Germany.

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Now back to the issue:

On October 24, 2020 Geert Wilders retweeted this picture. Again, retweeted! The cartoon is nor created and owned by Wilders. He just found it on somebody else’s twitter account and re-shared the original tweet via his own account.

What Wilders did is electronic quotingnot insulting. It is the same to myself as we electronic quoted not the original but Wilders’ post by making a screenshot.

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It’s not the first time that Erdogan have tried to sue people in my country. One of of these people is from my own hometown. All his attempts have failed even in Germany. Why?

We don’t know how it is arranged in the German law. So, we only can write how it is in the Dutch law and let it be a classroom for this low educated dictator.

Erdogan, the Netherlands is not Islamist Turkey. Here in the Netherlands there’s a civilized government that is monitored by a multi-party parliament whom members are elected without fascistic demagogue rhetoric, accusations of being terrorists, accusations of trying to overthrow …only you, not the government, and so. That is only in countries were there is something claimed as democracy while in reality being a playbook carrying the title “democracy”.

Yes, there was once a law that criminalizes insult of the monarchy in my country. It has been abolished since we have King William and Queen Maxima. That is why it is for Erdogan impossible to sue anyone in the Netherlands who “insult” him.

However, there’s more behind this absurd insane behavior by Erdogan. He’s a narcissist and therefore very easy in resorting to self-victimizing. It tells how weak one of his characters of personality is.

On the other hand it also tells about his level of megalomania were his admiration for the Ottoman empire comes from. His admiration visualizes in self-mirroring by excessive spending in mega projects that brought the country in economical crisis.

His handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, his war adventures in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Nagorno Karabakh have brought the country much deeper into crisis. The Turkish Lira is on a record low and is heading to a value of toilet paper. The spat he created with the Dutch was to deflect people’s attention away from the crisis they are suffering.

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