India has asked WhatsApp on January 19, 2020 to withdraw the planned change to its privacy policy, posing a new headache to the Facebook-owned service that identifies the South Asian nation as its biggest market by users.

In 2018, China has a population of 1,415,045,928 people. That is 18.54 % of the world's population while India has a population of 1,354,051,854. That is 17.74 % of the world's population.

This page starts with five video productions containing mobile phone recordings taken by witnesses on the ground during the violent uprising in the Indian capital New Delhi between February 16, 2020 and February 25, 2020. When writing this article, the unrest was not over.

India's culture and tourism minister Mahesh Sharma, who was in the Taj city, advised women foreign tourists not to wear skirts and other "skimpy" clothes "for their own safety".

We all know the swastika from the Nazis. However, it's not their invention.

Ever heard, read or seen that somebody sues god? You don't? Neither do I. It is in India today and goes like this:

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